Alba Varden
Status: Unknown
Tenant(s): Arjen Rudd
Pieter Vorstedt
Structure: Cargo Ship
Profession: Smuggling
First film: Lethal Weapon 2
Last film: Lethal Weapon 2

Alba Varden is the name of the cargo ship Arjen Rudd and Pieter Vorstedt used to smuggle krugerrands from Africa to Los Angeles and carry their criminal operation under the guise of diplomats in the United States.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

The Alba Varden is shown in a video clip of the Murtaugh Family celebrating Roger Murtaugh's birthday while Roger is investigating the krugerrand case.

It is physically shown while Riggs and Murtaugh investigate the docks and locate the ship and a container filled with money. As they see how much is actually inside the bags, they are subsequently locked inside the container by the diplomats and lifted up high above the ground. However, Riggs has a plan to escape out of the container and they hot-wire the car inside as it speeds open through the door and explodes. Most of the money the diplomats laundered is also destroyed in the process.

A shootout begins and the battle gets really bloody inside the Alba Varden. Riggs goes to the bottom of the ship and takes out diplomats there while Murtaugh shoots the diplomats above. Riggs encounters Pieter Vorstedt and they battle it out in combat. Vorstedt stabs Riggs in his leg before Riggs turns the knife on him and stabs him in the stomach. He even had the chance to kill him on the spot too, but passed. Vorstedt however, was not finished, and attempted one last time to kill Riggs with his gun before Riggs dropped a ship container that crushed him to death.

When Murtaugh finally catches up with Riggs, Arjen Rudd uses his gun from the ship's balcony and hits Riggs multiple times with it almost to the brink of death. Murtaugh tells him to drop his gun and surrender, but Rudd reminds him he has diplomatic immunity. He ignores this and shoots Rudd in the head, saying "Its just been revoked!"

Then he goes to the bottom of the boat where Riggs was laying bloodied and injured from the fight and gunshots.


  • Before they discovered the identity of the ship, Riggs and Murtaugh thought the Alba Varden was a woman.
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