Alfred is the African-American boy that provided details to Team Riggs/Murtaugh the culprit who killed Dixie, a person of interest.

Lethal WeaponEdit

At the time of the film, Alfred was playing with his buddies, drawing chalk drawings on the road of his house when a car parked in front of his house. It was detectives Roger Murtaugh and Martin Riggs, who were going to question Dixie. Alfred knew what they were gonna do and he even sang a song with his friends saying "You're gonna bust Dixie!" The detectives ignored him at that point and approached Dixie's House. It explodes before they can enter, taking Dixie with it. Alfred and friends saw the whole thing and, instead of being scared, the boys are rather curious about it.

One of the officers at the scene tells Murtaugh that Alfred knows and saw who changed the meter at Dixie's house but he needs Murtaugh to question him the details. At first Alfred is silent, and his curly haired friend covers up for him but with no success, revealing Alfred's name and age to the authorities. The boys point out Roger Murtaugh's gun asking if he kills people, the former saying he only tries to shoot them in the leg with it.

The boys (except for Alfred) all leave for ice cream at the insistence of Murtaugh, fearing for their youth. Murtaugh proceeds to ask Alfred personal questions and tells him to picture the suspect in his head. Alfred reveals the suspect is a Caucasian male, with blonde hair and had a tattoo that matched Riggs' Special Forces tattoo. The detectives end their questioning with Alfred and continue on their assignment with Amanda Hunsaker and Dixie's murder.

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