Amanda Hunsaker was a minor character in Lethal Weapon. She is the daughter of Sergeant Roger Murtaugh's Vietnam War friend Michael Hunsaker and his wife Claire and has a twin sister named Beverly Hunsaker.

She is portrayed by Jackie Swanson.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Amanda Hunsaker appears in the beginning of the film in a hotel room in Los Angeles at night. Amanda lays in bed appearing to be really high on drugs, she can almost barely move. She then snorts some more of her drugs and slowly gets up out of her bed. She becomes even more high from it, she climbs onto the support rail of the hotel balcony and jumps off of it and lands on a car roof, smashing it and killing her, leading her death to appear to be a suicide. Her story leads to the investigation of catching the drug smugglers Shadow Company and bringing them to justice.

An autopsy report at the coroner's office indicated that Amanda was poisoned with liquid drain cleaner that was laced in her pills, in the results of ending up in her system in the process. Even if she didn't jump off her balcony, she'd have been dead within minutes anyway, indicating her death as a murder, not a suicide.

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