Brooks Avery is the head of the Robbery/Homicide Division of the LAPD. He is known for being Roger Murtaugh's supervisor and former teammatee.

He is portrayed by Kevin Rahm in Lethal Weapon.


Avery takes his job as a police officer very seriously, especially as a captain. He has a very low tolerance for owing money to the city for the damages caused by both Riggs and Murtaugh. How he handles it can be beyond his limit at times. Even though he can be disappointed with them at times for the damages in which he has to pay for, he still considers them his best men in his division.


Brooks Avery is known for having a dark secret in his past, but he never let it stand in the way of his career as a police officer.

Years ago, he and a Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputy, David Reed, planted evidence to convict a murderer after previous evidence was excluded from trial; he was prepared to resign over the incident when it came to light, but Murtaugh convinced him to stay because if his impropriety was revealed it would mean that all of Avery's cases (many of which he worked with Murtaugh) would be reviewed if not overturned entirely.

Before his promotion to Captain of the Robbery/Homicide Division, he was partners with Murtaugh. Right then after his promotion, he assigns Murtaugh with a transfer from Texas, Martin Riggs; a Navy SEAL veteran as a partner.



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