The Chinese General is a minor character who appears in Lethal Weapon 4.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

In the movie, when the Four Fathers are brought to Los Angeles from China, they are brought to a prison cell setup in a warehouse run by a Chinese General. When the film's villain, Wah Sing Ku, who is the younger brother of one of the Four Fathers, Michael Sing Ku, comes to visit the Four Fathers, he is greeted by the General who asks him if he is armed, to which Ku shows him a box of glasses and a necklace that's really a ligature he uses to kill people with, in which the General doesn't know is a weapon and doesn't take it away from Ku. He then asks Ku when he will have the money for the Four Fathers' release, to which Ku replies "Very soon." The General then unlocks the cell door and takes Ku in to see the Four Fathers. The General watches as Ku gives the pair of glasses to one of the Four Fathers, James Wing Chow, and then talks with his brother promising to get him and the others out as soon as he can and then leaves to which he is escorted out by the General.

A few days later, when Ku has the money ready, the General and his men bring the Four Fathers to another warehouse where Ku and the Triads are hiding. When the General is about to be given the money and release the Four Fathers to Ku, the Los Angeles Police Department cops Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh, Lee Butters, Detective Ng, Ng's partner, and some other detectives show up to intervene the exchange. Riggs ask the General if he speaks English. The General asks Riggs what he wants, and Riggs tells him that the money Ku and the Triads are paying him is counterfeit and has one of the General's men show it to him along with the still wet ink on the paper. The General realizes he's been flim-flammed, and pulls out a gun and shoots Fan Wong and Li Lum Chung, two of the Four Fathers dead to which a fight breaks out and the General is shot and killed by Ku's henchman Fan and his dead body is dragged away by his men as they are continuing the gunfight with the Triads.



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