Chu is Wah Sing Ku's enforcer in Lethal Weapon 4.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

Chu first appears in the Uncle Benny's Restaurant with two others henchmen of Wah Sing Ku, Fan and Yee. In this scene, the three henchmen acts as bodyguards.

Chu is seen when Trish, Rianne Murtaugh and Lorna Cole are captured by Ku's henchmen. Riggs and Murtaugh are coming soon and an attack begins. We see Chu fight Riggs and getting thrown out the window by the latter. After Ku go mastered all police, Chu Ku helps men to ignite the home. Then the villains leave and the remaining two thugs stand guard as the flames spread. Chu drove the car they use to escape.

A little later, they arrive at the prison and Chu is still driving the car.

Later again, Chu will look Hong and takes him to his uncle, Chung.

In the warehouse, Chu was present with Fan, Ku and a dozen Triad unnamed gangsters. Chu meets his death during the shootout. In this scene, he is shot in the head by the AK-47 of a soldier of the general when he attempt to escape the wheel of the car. His vehicle falls into water and will be seen later, during the fight of Wah Sing Ku and Riggs.

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