Darryl Smithers was a minor character in Lethal Weapon 3. He was the best friend of Sergeant Roger Murtaugh's son, Nick.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

In the film, Darryl stops by to talk to Nick. He tells Nick that he has dropped out of high school and got involved in a gang and encourages Nick to join the gang also. But before Nick can give him an answer, his father comes out with his partner Martin Riggs to which Nick tells Darryl and the gang "later" and they leave quickly.

A few days later, as Roger and Riggs are getting food at Fast Eddie's Hamburger Stand, Riggs notices a group of gang members dealing cocaine and attempts to arrest them. That's when Darryl and the gang begin a shootout, and when Roger comes to back up Riggs. Darryl is seen in the shed and is shooting at Roger, only to have Roger shoot him when left with no other choice. Having been hit, Darryl walks out of the shed, moaning in pain before collapsing. As Roger turns him over and removes his sunglasses, he recognizes him and attempts CPR on Darryl with no apparent success. Roger tells Riggs to get an ambulance to get help, but Riggs tries to tell Roger he pulled off a clean shoot.

After having guilt of killing Darryl, Roger goes into a depression, but then realizes he has to forgive himself for it after being persuaded by Riggs to let it all go. Roger, Trish, Nick, Riggs and Lorna Cole all attend Darryl's funeral. There, Darryl's mother slaps Murtaugh in the face after he tried to apologize. However, the father advises Roger to find the man who sold Darryl the gun.

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