Daryl Hennicky was a Navy SEAL veteran, and a security guard for a plantation, the Port of L.A., and Levon Tibibian's second-in-command. He was the secondary antagonist of the Pilot episode in Lethal Weapon.

He is portrayed by Gino Anthony.


Hennicky takes being Tibibian's second-in-command of his cartel very seriously, and is very loyal to him.

He's also very menacing and will not think twice when killing anyone who gets in the way of him or his boss.


Daryl Hennicky was a Navy SEAL. During that time, while on a tour in Iraq, he was the commanding officer of Ramon Alvarez, a fellow Navy SEAL veteran.


Daryl was first seen at the Port of L.A. plantation while he was doing his security patrol routine when Riggs and Murtaugh came to the plantation to find out what was needed to be known about Ramon Alvarez's death. Daryl didn't say much about it, except that Ramon used to work there before his death, and that something about his death may have been accidental, or a suicide.

Somewhere along the line, Alvarez's son, Oscar, was kidnapped and was being held for a heroin ransom to be given back to Tibibian in exchange for Ramon to go back to Mrs. Alvarez.

Daryl Hennicky 2

Right where Hennicky was being ambushing Riggs, just before Hennicky was killed at the meet

Riggs goes after Oscar with the heroin at the location by Tibibian and was later joined by Murtaugh. Riggs and Murtaugh shot all the bad guys, and Tibibian, and rescue Oscar. Right when Riggs, Murtaugh, and Oscar were leaving, Hennicky was last seen there on the roof with his Mk 14 Mod 0 Enhanced Battle Rifle sniper, as it was revealed in that he was part of the conspiracy of killing Ramon and making it look like suicide and later kidnapping Oscar. There, Hennicky was offering to let the kid live if Riggs came out unarmed. There, in order to take out Hennicky, Riggs told Murtaugh to shoot him in the foot to drop near his rifle, which he did, and then Riggs shot Hennicky, and Hennicky fell from the roof dead.

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