Delores is an armored car driver who works for the Kase Armored Company. She was partnered up with Roger Murtaugh and developed a crush on him, even though he's already married with Trish Murtaugh.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Delores was first seen arriving with another armored car driver to take the money to safety. After her partner was shot down by Billy Phelps, Riggs goes after them, while she and Murtaugh go in her armored car to back Riggs up. At first, she seemed to wonder if Murtaugh had any feelings for her at all, but he constantly let her know he'd been married for 24 years. At one point, she also sings, which irritates Murtaugh since they are in the middle of a very important chase. They finally catch up with Riggs as Riggs is trying to foil the robbery attempt by Billy and Smitty. Billy gets caught and arrested, but Smitty manages to escape, whom Delores avoided running over to prevent a drive on collision.

A few days later, Delores stops by and gives Murtaugh a gift out of gratitude for helping her foil the bank robbery attempt a few days earlier and admits she still has feelings for him.


  • Her name being Delores, she is coincidentally played by none other than the actress Delores Hall.
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