Eduardo "Eddie" Flores was a drug dealer, and an operative for the Flores drug cartel owned and operated by his uncle Tito Flores, which Riggs, Murtaugh and Palmer were investigating.

He is portrayed by Raul Casso in Lethal Weapon.


Eddie Flores is manipulative and goes about his way in getting the job done as a drug cartel operative would do. He has no problem doing anything for his Uncle Tito.


Eddie Flores had been working as an operative for his uncle Tito's drug cartel in Texas. Apparently, he and Riggs knew each other from there, but never really close contact with each other.

Jingle Bell GlockEdit

Riggs and Murtaugh were working on a homicide case in connection with a narcotics trafficking case involving the Flores cartel, in which Eddie was in connection with. The homicide case involved a woman who appeared to have jumped off a building and onto a car, but along the way, it was narrowed down to that Eddie killed the woman pushing her off the building. While investing the case further, Riggs believes that the cartel he is investigating is in connection to Miranda's death, and that Eddie may very well have some part in her death, too. They go to find Eddie.

Eddie meets up with Riggs and Murtaugh. There, just when Riggs was about to interrogate Eddie and torture him to confessing to it, he and Murtaugh get a call from Tito Flores about bringing him to the airport or Flores' henchman would kill the Murtaugh's. Murtaugh goes back to his house to deal with the situation while Riggs takes Eddie to the airport to Tito. Just then, Murtaugh saved his family and let Riggs know by text of it, and handled the situation further to getting Eddie to confess. Just when Eddie was about to confess on his part of it and where Uncle Tito might be and how Tito was also the mastermind of it, he is then shot and killed by his uncle's cartel official before anything else could be said. They load Eddie onto the plane and take off.

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