Endo was a Shadow Company's torturer, who along with Joshua and the others kidnaps Roger Murtaugh's daughter in exchange for the drug shipment.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Endo is first mentioned by General Peter McAllister to Jack Joshua, who orders Joshua to have him look at his arm, which was burned on Mendez's cigarette lighter.

Endo first appears later on as he is partially seen in the helicopter when Roger Murtaugh attempts to free his daughter Rianne. The helicopter carrying Endo and one henchman would pursue the white limo with Rianne behind the wheel and subsequently recapture her.

Then when Joshua ties Martin Riggs up and introduces him to Endo, Joshua threatens to have Endo electrocute Riggs if he doesn't tell him what Michael Hunsaker told him and Murtaugh about the drug shipment. Riggs said that Joshua already killed Hunsaker before he could reveal the rest of the information of the shipment. Endo proceeds to shock Riggs with an electric sponge shocker, as he gasps in pain from the effects of the electricity. He accidentally shocks Joshua when he has contact with Riggs, though only minimally.

Despite his repetitive torture, he fails to make Riggs reveal the shipment's details and Joshua orders Endo to kill Riggs. He says "Lights out, pal. Say good night". Just when he is about to kill Riggs, Riggs headbutts Endo and kicks him. When Endo gets up, Riggs puts his legs tightly around his head, twisting his head and neck, breaking it, which Endo can't get out of and ends up killed in the process and collapses right there on the floor. When Riggs breaks free from his torture chamber, he throws Endo's dead body on top of a henchman while he rescues Roger and Rianne Murtaugh from their torture chamber.

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