Fan is Wah Sing Ku's enforcer in Lethal Weapon 4.

Lethal Weapon 4[edit | edit source]

First, Fan is seen in background when George Proody discusses with Uncle Benny in his restaurant.

Later, Fan is briefly seen in the restaurant of Benny with his colleagues Yee and Chu. Benny tells Fan and the two other henchmen that they go.

Fan, Ku, Chu and two other henchmen are later present when Lorna Cole, Trish and Rianne Murtaugh are captured. After the arrival of Team Riggs/Murtaugh, a struggle begins. Fan fought by Lorna who takes his weapon to shoot down Wah Sing Ku but Ku knocks down Lorna. The Triads flee after setting the house on fire.

A bit later, in the prison, Ku and Fan walk out of their cars.

Fan is present when Uncle Benny is strangled by Ku.

Fan with Wah Sing Ku

Ku has the money ready for pay the triad for release the Four Fathers, Fan his present with Chu, Wah Sing Ku and are face the General and his thirty armed men to a warehouse. Fan is so involved in the final shootout. This is also the first to kill the general. Then he runs away, far behind Wah Sing Ku and his brother, Michael. Whether Fan survived or death in the shooting is unknown.

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