George was Rianne Murtaugh's boyfriend in Lethal Weapon 2 after her previous boyfriend Mark was murdered.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

George and Rianne were dating during the time of their commercial. He and Murtaugh had a talk about Murtaugh's new hobby room that was being built. George is later watching the commercial with Rianne, Trish, Carrie, Nick, Riggs, Murtaugh, and Mickey. After Roger was stunned to see the commercial was about, he has Trish send Nick and Carrie upstairs. Roger then scares George away out of the house, when he says, "George, I have a gun." Rianne said she'd buy him some beer; in which Riggs says to her, "You let him buy the beer; you're under 21." George is not seen for the rest of the film after he left Murtaugh's house. He and Rianne sometime later broke up and she wound up marrying Lee Butters.

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