George Proody was a immigration consultant working for Uncle Benny Chan.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

Proody was seen in the Uncle Benny's Restaurant, with Uncle Benny, Wah Sing Ku, Fan and Benny's assistant. Proody and Benny regarding the importation of immigrants from China. Proody said that they'll get in the country and they'll be able to stay. Proody request to Benny to vote the incumbent party next election and help it for a job with the State Department. When the assistant reports at Benny that the cargo ship was impounded, Benny tells Proody that he has to go.

Later, Proody was in his car in front railways voice and a other car (driven by Yee) shoot the Proody's car on rails. A train destroyed the car and Proody was deceased.


  • His first name is George in the script, but this is never stated on screen.
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