Gustaf was a Shadow Company's negotiator who, along with Joshua and the others kidnaps Roger Murtaugh's daughter in exchange for the drug shipment.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Gustaf arrived with the rest of Shadow Company in a white limo at El Mirage Lake. Roger Murtaugh was waiting patiently for their arrival. Armed with a Uzi, Gustaf got out of the limo and walked towards Murtaugh. Then Murtaugh proceeded to question Gustaf telling him to show his daughter Rianne Murtaugh and then he will come quietly. After showing him his daughter, Gustaf says if he comes with them, he will be reunited with her. But Murtaugh had a plan of his own, fearing for his safety. Gustaf shakes his head and asks Murtaugh to remove his hands out of his pockets, and to his surprise, pulls out a grenade. A gunfight ensues when Joshua takes things into his own hands and shoots Murtaugh in the shoulder. Gustaf hears gunshots but is not sure where to shoot during the gunfire; however once General Peter McAllister captured Martin Riggs (the man who was taking out the henchmen from afar), Gustaf and two other Shadow Company goons fired their Uzis at Murtaugh and his station wagon, blowing out tires and destroying it in the process. Unable to escape, Murtaugh surrenders and Gustaf orders him to drop his weapon.


After Riggs, Roger and Rianne Murtaugh are imprisoned, Gustaf would not be seen until their escape. Pretending to be a regular civilian in a casino, he hears the door opening behind him and checks before he is shot dead by Riggs.


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