Hatchett was a loyal henchman of Jack Travis. He was responsible for shipping the stolen firearms that were to be destroyed from the warehouse to Tyrone and his gang.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Hatchett was with Jack Travis awaiting the arrival of Tyrone. When Travis tells Smitty they can "rebuild" their relationship after he failed with an attempted robbery, Hatchett pistol whipped and pushed Smitty into the concrete pit as he, Travis and Tyrone witness his death.

Later, Hatchett, Hershel and a few goons were in the warehouse packing the arsenal of guns and ammunition into boxes of crates, ready to be delivered on the pickup truck. Before they were about to leave, Martin Riggs told them to surrender, which they feigned when a goon whacked Riggs' arm with a crowbar. Injured, Herschel picked up Riggs and choke held him on a supporting column but Hatchett tells him not to kill him yet, as he figures out his identity first.

Then he receives another surprise, this time from a female cop named Lorna Cole. Then as they escape by taking their pickup truck, Hatchett attempts to fire his weapon at them but is jumped on by the Rottweiler before he could do so.


Hatchett with Jack Travis

Back at the trailer, Tyrone gets mad at Hatchett through the phone for failing to ship the guns and ammunition to him. Hatchet then gives the phone for Travis to deal with him.

After Travis makes plans to get more guns and ammunition at the precinct, he and Hatchett kidnap Captain Murphy in a bid to use his clearance to gain access to the arms dumps. A major gunfight breaks out at the arms dump between the detectives, their support and Travis' men. Hatchett was ordered to kill Murphy, but Murphy frees himself as he kicked Hatchett into an electrical circuit of the subway train tracks railing electrocuting him, which killed him the process.



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