Herman Walters is a character from Lethal Weapon 3. He is the Chief of Intelligence of the Internal Affairs of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Herman Walters is in Captain Murphy's office when Team Riggs/Murtaugh and Lorna Cole come in to ask why the case of the armor piercing bullets has been transferred to internal affairs. Walters tells the duo that is classified information.

But Riggs and Murtaugh still want to know why so they ask the captain, though Walters continues to tell the duo it is none of their business. He also tells the Captain by reading their records he refers to them as mayhem and chaos, where Riggs jumps in and says Murtaugh is "mayhem" and he himself "chaos". After the duo leave and Murphy reinstates their spots in the detective bureau, Walters thinks Murphy has exceeded his authority by reinstating them back to detectives, where Murphy tells him wrong.

Later, Walters is seen outside the police station with Murphy and tells him he is not trying to be his enemy and he is only doing his job, following what happened during the case transfer controversy. After asking Murphy if he ate, he tells Walters yes, where Walters urges to eat with him but Murphy insists eating alone this time.

He is seen one last time along with some backup when he rescues Murphy from the subway rail track as Riggs/Murtaugh go after Jack Travis.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The character of Herman Walters was portrayed in the screen by Alan Scarfe.

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