Jack Kirstein is a notorious arms dealer dealing illegal arms on the black market, and a terrorist leader. He is the secondary antagonist in the episode Surf N Turf in Lethal Weapon, next to Bennett Hirsch.

He is portrayed by Kwame Patterson.


Kirstein is like any other criminal who is adamant about how getting the crime taken care of. He'll stop at nothing.

Surf N TurfEdit

He made a deal with the crooked ATF agent, Bennett Hirsch, of MG-10, a deadly military-grade government weaponry to a terrorist organization.

Later after finding out a waitress, Natasha Belenko, witnessed a murder at the residence of heavyweight boxing champion Ronald Dawson, where the deal was taking place at first, Hirsch sent Kirstein to go after Natasha at her place. After she was rescued by Murtaugh and Riggs, she was brought to the station where she would wait for Witness Protection.

While Riggs and Murtaugh were continuing working the murder case, Hirsch went to the station to kidnap Natasha and bring her to their hideout. Riggs finds out and he and Murtaugh go to rescue her.

At the hideout, Riggs and Murtaugh go in and foil the plan to eliminate Natasha. Just where Jack is about to shoot Hirsch as part of the plan to make it look like the deal gone bad, Riggs shot Jack right in the head, and then the rest of the shootout occurs then thereafter.

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