Jarvis Becker is the leader of the bomb squad for the Los Angeles Police Department.


Becker takes his job a police officer the way any police is dedicated to the job, especially as leader of the LAPD Bomb Squad.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Jarvis Becker first appears in the bathroom of the Murtaugh Home when Roger Murtaugh is unable to move because a bomb has been found behind his toilet. Becker and the rest of his men in the bomb squad set up the bathroom with explosive proof material so it does not sustain too much damage for Murtaugh to free himself from the bomb's grasp. Just as everybody is about to leave, Martin Riggs does not and chooses to stay with his partner to help him out. Becker gives him his vest to avoid the possibility of shrapnel and as he departs, he wishes Murtaugh and Riggs luck.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Becker appears again, but in a role where he speaks only a few lines. In the bathroom at the police station, Becker sees Riggs and tells him next time he sees a bomb, wait for the bomb squad. Also, before he leaves, he warns Riggs to be careful with Lorna Cole since she is from Internal Affairs.

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