Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci (born February 9, 1943) is an American Actor who played Leo Getz in the Lethal Weapon Series.


He and his Lethal Weapon co-star Danny Glover also starred in the movie Gone Fishing as fishing buddies but this movie didn't do so good as the Lethal Weapon movies did. Pesci also starred as lawyer Vincent Gambini in My Cousin Vinny. He also starred in the Home Alone movies as the evil burglar Harry Lime. He was also in Robert De Niro's movies Casino, Good Fellas, and The Good Shepard.

Personal LifeEdit

Pesci was married from 1989-1992 to actress Claudia Haro by whom he has a daughter named Tiffany. Pesci was good friends with the late comedian George Carlin and his My Cousin Vinny co-star Fred Gwynne who died in 1993. Pesci is also good friends with his Home Alone co-star Daniel Stern and Robert De Niro, his co-star in a few of his movies. Away from the camera Pesci enjoys making music and playing golf.

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