Larch was the Shadow Company's enforcer, who along with Jack Joshua and the others kidnapped Roger Murtaugh's daughter in exchange for the drug shipment.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Mr. Larch was first seen when letting Mendez in to visit General McAllister and Joshua's hideout after patting him down twice, which they went through already, which Joshua insisted on going through again. Soon, after McAllister asked Mendez for his lighter, Larch was seen holding onto to Mendez with another henchman, while McAllister used the lighter to burn Joshua's arm to scare Mendez into doing business with them.

A couple of days later, after McAllister and Joshua kidnapped Murtuagh's daughter Rianne, Mr. Larch is later seen interrogating Murtaugh at the hideout and is later shot by Riggs as Riggs goes into saving Murtaugh and Rianne before proceeding on going after McAllister and Joshua.

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