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Box art cover of SNES version.

Back of the same box.

Lethal Weapon is a video game developed by Eurocom and released in 1992 by Ocean. It was released in conjunction with Lethal Weapon 3.

NES and Game Boy version[]

Lethal Weapon is a side-scroller, in which the player chooses one of the police detectives (Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh) and battles it out with criminals around the city and surrounding area. Battles are resolved via fists, guns and grenades. It is considered by many to be extremely difficult and frustrating in the fact that punching an enemy is more effective than shooting an enemy. It has minimal music and sparse interesting scenery.

Super NES version[]

There was another version of the game released for the day's home computer formats and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is also a difficult side-scroller where the user plays as either Martin Riggs or Roger Murtaugh and has to complete four missions in order to go on to the fifth and final mission. There is little difference between the two characters, other than Riggs having a faster rate of fire for his handgun, but at the cost of having a low jump height, while Murtaugh has a higher jump height at the cost of a low rate of fire for his handgun.

Mission 1[]

"Reports received of a group of international smugglers guarding an illegal consignment of goods. Infiltrate the docks and seize the consignment."
―Mission 1 interlogue

The first mission begins at the docks in the city.

Mission 2[]

"Emergency! We have received a threat that unless the city pays $10 million by midnight, a series of bombs planted in the city's sewers will detonate causing billions of dollars of damage! Find the perpetrators and prevent them from carrying out this act!"
―Mission 2 interlogue

The next level takes place in the sewers beneath the surface.

Mission 3[]

"We have received a threat of a terrorist bomb planted in a nearby shopping mall. Terrorists have been trapped inside be careful!"
―Mission 3 interlogue

In this level, you have to navigate yourself into the shopping mall and find the bomb planted by the terrorists.

Mission 4[]

"Leo Getz is being held hostage in a nearby office complex. Can you help him?"
―Mission 4 interlogue

The fourth level takes place in a building with several platforms and pathways to navigate through. It is extremely difficult to figure out and time is necessary.

Mission 5[]

"Weapons have been stolen from the police storage depot. A crooked ex police sergeant is suspected. Find him and stop him. Heavy armed resistance is expected."
―Mission 5 interlogue

The final level of the game.


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