Levon Tibibian was a drug kingpin for one of the biggest drug cartels in Los Angeles and the main antagonist in the Pilot episode of Lethal Weapon.

He is portrayed by Rudolf Martin.


Levon Tibibian is like any other drug dealer and criminal. He wants business done without anyone in his way, including cops. He takes his business in dealing heroin very serious.


Levon Tibibian was found out of and responsible for the apparent death of Ramon Alvarez, which Riggs and Murtaugh were investigating the death of.

He was also found out of in kidnapping Alvarez's son Oscar. Apparently, Ramon had stolen a block of heroin from Tibibian and his men, and was murdered for it, and Oscar was kidnapped in exchange for the heroin back.

Later, Riggs promises to get Oscar back for Mrs. Alvarez. Riggs goes to the hideout at the Port of L.A. with the heroin and soon after as a gunfight ensues, Murtaugh joins in. There, they killed Tibibian, his second-in-command Hennicky and the rest of their men, and rescued Oscar.

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