Below is a long list of Police Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department that appear in the Lethal Weapon Series. They may have small parts, little to no dialogue, and are sometimes assisting Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh on their missions to capture criminals.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Elementary School Police OfficersEdit

In the director's cut, these officers were on the scene of the school shooting rescuing kids:


Crime Scene Police OfficersEdit

These officers were at the crime scene of Amanda Hunsaker's suicide:

Actors: Bill Kalmenson, Patrick Cameron, Don Gordon

Narcotics Police OfficersEdit

This special police force arrived just on time to see Martin Riggs bust the drug operation at the Christmas Tree lot:

Actors: Gail Bowman, Robert Fol

Christmas Carolling Police OfficersEdit

These officers were singing "Silent Night" in the police station. There are about 8 caroling officers, though not all of them are in the picture:

Actors: Richard B. Whitaker

McCleary's Suicide Attempt site Police OfficersEdit

There are a few officers at the site of Len McCleary's attempted suicide:

Actors: Natalie Zimmerman

Explosion site Police OfficersEdit

After Dixie's house exploded, many emergency personnel (fire and ambulance included) arrived at the site:

Actors: Lenny Juliano, Henry Brown

Shadow Company Club Police OfficersEdit

Outside their hideout, officers responded to the location following the explosion of General Peter McAllister's car:

Actors: Frank Reinhard

Roger Murtaugh's House Police OfficersEdit

After Mr. Joshua kills two patrol cops and fights Martin Riggs, several more arrive at Roger Murtaugh's front lawn but do not try anything since Murtaugh holds responsibility for the fight:

Actors: John O'Neill, Tom Noga

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Downtown Car chase Police OfficersEdit

After the chase, these officers exited their cars and found gold krugerrand in the trunk of the escapee's car.:

Note: There are about 10 officers at the scene although they cannot all be pictured here.


Police Station OfficersEdit

Aside from the detectives who are assigned the krugerrand case, there are two police officers who watch Riggs struggle to get out of the straightjacket:

Actors: David Marciano

Police Station Officers (2nd day)Edit

The next day at the police station, Riggs and Murtaugh are assigned to protect a federal witness. Some police officers appear in this scene:


Note: Many officers can be seen, but some of their faces are not shown or cannot be identified.

Roger Murtaugh's House Police OfficersEdit

When Murtaugh is stuck in the toilet because of a bomb that will trigger if he leaves it, police and bomb squad arrive to help:

Actors: Lionel Douglass, Jim Birge, Patrick Cameron

Police Station Officers (3rd Day)Edit

With all the detectives killed in the line of duty (excluding Riggs and Murtaugh), the police is now shorthanded with the krugerrand case:


Note: Many officers can be seen, but some of their faces are not shown or cannot be identified.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

ICSI Building Police OfficersEdit

At the site of a bomb planted in the building, several officers already evacuated the building and await the arrival of the bomb squad, only for Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh to screw things up:


Note: The actor who portrays Bomb Squad Officer 5 was then Mayor of Orlando, Florida Bill Frederick.

Locker room Police OfficersEdit

In the locker room where Murtaugh and Riggs have a moment, police officers are present in different parts, including two who thought they heard a gunshot:


Shooting range and Police Station OfficersEdit

At the police shooting range, Riggs demonstrates to some cops there that the armor piercing bullets he confiscated the previous day are deadly. Then later, when Riggs and Murtaugh go interrogate Billy Phelps, they discover the case has been transferred to internal affairs without knowing of it:


Note: Many officers can be seen, but some of their faces are not shown or cannot be identified.

Forum Police OfficersEdit

In The Forum, police officers occupy the building in an attempt to arrest cop killer Jack Travis:


Police Station Officers (2nd & 3rd Day)Edit


Note: Many officers can be seen, but some of their faces are not shown or cannot be identified.

Jack Travis' hideout Police OfficersEdit

Inside Travis' hideout, there are some officers who secretly work for the ex-cop himself while others are unaware of his true intentions:


Note: Many officers can be seen, but some of their faces are not shown or cannot be identified. Also, Police Officer 72 is seen outside with his motorcycle, miles away from Travis' hideout.

2nd Bomb site explosion Police OfficersEdit

In a post-credits scene, two officers and one detective can be seen before the building blows up:


Note: One officer is shown for a second by his patrol car but his head is facing the back.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

Downtown shooting Police OfficersEdit

On a rainy day in downtown Los Angeles, an armored criminal commits a shooting that destroys city property in the process. Officers respond to the scene immediately:



Compounded Chinese Boat Police OfficersEdit

Officers respond to the scene of the compounded boat filled with Chinese slaves:


Police Station OfficersEdit

Police officers and detectives are scattered around the station and poke fun at Roger Murtaugh's stunt he pulled nine months earlier, and later hear about his and Martin Riggs' promotion to Captain:


Note: Police Officer 97 was seen miles away from the police station, when talking to Leo Getz.

Police Station Officers (2nd Day)Edit

Once again, officers and detectives are visible within the station. There are even some in the boxing section who are not in uniform:


Highway Chase Police OfficersEdit

When Riggs and Murtaugh chase two of the suspects who trapped them in their home, they contact air control to find them. Shortly after, more police officers arrive to catch up with them:


Crime Scene Police OfficersEdit

After the money has been illegally made, officers arrive to investigate more about its purpose:



  • Some of the actors who portray cops appear more than once in the films. However, because some play different characters in later films, some of their classifications as cops will vary.
  • In Lethal Weapon 3, two officers appear on a boat in the scene where Riggs convinces Murtaugh to get over his depression, but their faces cannot be seen.
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