This is a list of characters who were antagonists in the Lethal Weapon Series.

Bold stands for major antagonists.

Lethal WeaponEdit


Jack Joshua (right) with his boss General McAllister.

Gen. Peter McAllister: A rogue U.S Special Forces general who leads a group of mercenaries in Shadow Company heroin sales.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit


Arjen Rudd (above and center) and Pieter Vorstedt.

Arjen Rudd: A minister of diplomatic communications and consul of South Africa.

  • Pieter Vorstedt: Rudd's head of security,
    • Hans: Rudd's henchman, who responsible for exposing the krugerrands by mistake to the police.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit


Tyrone (left) and Jack Travis.

Jack Travis: A former LAPD lieutenant, who leads a group of criminals in the arm trafficking in black market.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

Uncle Benny Chan: A Crime boss for the Triads, in charge of smuggling illegal immigrants from China into the United States.

  • Wah Sing Ku: A Highest ranked Triad negotiator, trying to get his brother and the Four Fathers out of prison.
    • Chinese Captain : A chinese captain.
    • Fan: Wah Sing Ku's henchman.
    • Chu: Wah Sing Ku's henchman.
    • Yee : Wah Sing Ku's henchman.
  • Chinese General: An official, who runs a prison in China, where he's holding the Four Fathers captive.

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