Dr. Maureen Cahill is a police psychologist of the LAPD.

She is portrayed by Jordana Brewster in Lethal Weapon.


Maureen Cahill takes her job as a psychologist very seriously, and to help police officers through the most traumatic events in their lives, including Martin Riggs; under the impression from Roger Murtaugh that Riggs may be suicidal and dangerous, as she's often seen with Riggs when she talks with him about the events taking place in his life.

She's shown to be very thoughtful and very concerning of Riggs, as she wants to help him. She's often in a meeting with Murtaugh at certain times, who she often helps, as well.

Biography Edit

Maureen Cahill has a history of being known for helping police officers in the LAPD, through the most traumatic moments in their lives, including Riggs and Murtaugh.

She's also known for having a troubled past, with her ex-husband, who committed adultery on her several times, and she called it the quits. And yet, he seems to want to connect with her again, but she had the feeling he had been stalking her in those times.



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