Meagan Shapiro was a detective originally assigned to the South African Krugerrand trade case along with Team Riggs/Murtaugh, and fellow detectives Tim Cavanaugh, Jerry Collins, Eddie Estaban and Tom Wyler.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Meagan Shapiro was with Roger Murtaugh, Martin Riggs and the other detectives investigating on the krugerrand case. She witnesses Riggs attempt to break free from the straightjacket. Then, when Riggs spread the word that Murtaugh's daughter, Rianne would be on TV at 8pm, she clapped for him.

The following day at the station, after Murtaugh was tied up in his own home the previous night, Meagan Shapiro listens to Riggs say that every detective should cover each other's backs from now on after what happened to Murtaugh.

Then Shapiro, along with the other detectives, arrive at Arjen Rudd's house and tells some of the henchmen to drop their weapons pointing her gun at them. However, she and the others are forced to let them go after Rudd shows Murtaugh and Riggs his diplomatic credentials declaring diplomatic immunity and leaves with the other detectives disappointed.

When a bomb was discovered and implanted on Murtaugh's toilet in his bathroom, she is among the several police detectives to respond to the scene. Stephanie Woods comments how she may be able to handle situations like this having psychiatric experience for years, but Shapiro tells her this is not a psychiatric problem. She even takes a peek at Murtaugh, who is sitting on the toilet, but he tells her go away. After the explosion, Shapiro along with Jerry Collins holds onto Leo Getz to prevent any harm.

Sometime soon after, while taking a dive in her swimming pool, she is killed from a secretly implanted bomb explosion by Pieter Vorstedt. She is the second police officer to be killed by Vorstedt after Tom Wyler, before Cavanaugh, Collins, Moss, and Freisen are killed in an explosion at Cavanaugh's house.



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