Mickey McGee is the carpenter who works on and remodels both Roger Murtaugh's house and Martin Riggs' trailer.


Mickey McGee is a wisecracking, self-conscious, serious carpenter who works very hard at his job and is paid by both Murtaugh and Riggs to remodel their homes. He gets very nervous when people point guns at him, especially when the duo mistaken the noise of his nail-gun for one. He seems to have a liking to Rianne, after he watches her debut commercial and jokes about how she made him want to buy some condoms from the commercial she advertised.

Lethal Weapon 2 & Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Following the events of the first film, Mickey is hired by Roger Murtaugh to remodel his home, which suffered damage from the bullets of Mr. Joshua's machine-gun and a police car crashing into the family room, both circumstances that have since been repaired.

One night when Riggs and Murtaugh return to the house, they head towards his new garage extension currently under construction. While they have a chat, they are both startled by the sound of McGee's nail-gun, and they pull out their guns, mistaking it for a gunshot. McGee thinks they are crazy for believing that he would carry a gun. When Murtaugh wants to check out his nail-gun, he refused to let go until he finally gave in since he really wanted to get a good look at it.

Taking a break from setting up the garage, he watches Rianne's commercial on TV and is impressed by her performance. He even makes a joke about how he may buy some condoms himself. Murtaugh gives him a stern look and he heads back to work on the garage.

In the third film, McGee begins remodeling Riggs' totaled trailer into a permanent home, adding a new addition to it. McGee tells Riggs how much it's gonna cost for the whole renovation when Rianne shows up and he greets her.

Trivia Edit

  • His name being Mickey McGee, he is coincidentally played by none other than the actor Jack McGee.
  • He only appears in the director's cut of the third film.
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