Ned Brower is a retired police officer of the LAPD, who now works as an armored car driver for the Joint Assets Securities.

He is portrayed by Ted Levine in Best Buds in Lethal Weapon.


Brower takes life seriously, and even his work almost as seriously as life itself. As much as he took being a police officer serious enough, he takes being an armored car driver serious enough the same way.

As he feels devastated that his wife Sarah died and her death stuck with him in those six months, he feels even more disturbed having no idea she had ovarian cancer and that she was keeping it a secret from him the whole time.


Ned Brower is a man who has a history of being of LA's finest in the LAPD, and for being Murtaugh's commanding officer.

By the time he retired from the force, he wanted to spend as much time with his wife Sarah, but sadly, six months ago, she passed away from ovarian cancer, which she kept a secret from him.

Sometime before or after Sarah's death and even after his retirement from the LAPD, he had been working as an armored car driver for the Joint Assets Securities.

Best BudsEdit

Ned Brower is first seen loading money to be transported, when all the sudden, two masked men pulled out and jumped him knocking him out and making off with the cash. A short time after, Riggs, Murtaugh and Bailey then called to the scene of the crime, where Brower is at, being tend to by paramedics. There also, Murtaugh is glad to see him and introduces him to Riggs. He then tells Murtaugh that he'll tell them the rest at the station.

Later at the station, Brower goes over with Riggs and Murtaugh about how he used to be Murtaugh's commanding officer when Murtaugh joined the force, during the 20+ years of his career in the force. Toward his retirement, he began spending more time with his wife Sarah, but then six months prior the incident with the heist and his ambush, she died of ovarian cancer, without him ever knowing she contracted it and how she even kept it a secret from him all those times, which only made him more disappointed even more. After her death, he then began working as a armored car driver for the Joint Assets Securities.

Meanwhile, while Riggs and Murtaugh are investigating the case, Brower texts to Murtaugh reporting a 999, "officer in distress". He and Riggs go to Brower's house, and Brower shows him his armored car he drives and makes a confession to him about some involvement he had in it.

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