Officer Edwards was a rookie officer of the Los Angeles Police Department and fresh out of the police academy. He was an apprentice to both experienced detectives Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Edwards was with Martin Riggs, Roger Murtaugh and several other cops in the target shooting facility where they poke fun at Murtaugh for wearing a girdle. Riggs shows Edwards and the other cops about some bullets he and his partner confiscated after foiling a bank robbery just the day before. He loads his Beretta with one of those bullets and he aims it at a typical bulletproof vest and pulls the trigger. The result shows that this bullet can pierce through bulletproof vests and Edwards is more than shocked upon learning this, as are the other officers.

A few days later, Edwards is seen walking in a hall with Riggs, who asks how he is doing. He also witnesses Murtaugh swing kick the big water bottle off the container and shares a laugh along with the other cops.

After Captain Murphy is held captive by Jack Travis, Edwards joins Riggs, Murtaugh, and Lorna Cole as they go recover the armor-piercing ammunition, despite Riggs insisting he stay behind. When they arrive at a secret underground subway facility, they check the vault and they see it's empty as the ammunition has been stolen by Travis and his men. Then they head downstairs and alert some construction workers to leave the area at once.

A shootout with Travis and his henchmen begins and Edwards pursues one side of the henchmen. When he sees Jack Travis pointing his gun in his direction, Edwards ducks behind an oil barrel; however, unaware Travis' armor-piercing bullets can penetrate any kind of metal, he is fatally wounded in the chest as the bullet passes through the barrel, through his bulletproof vest, and into his heart. His last words were "Riggs" and he gives him his gun as Riggs would need more firepower and hopes Riggs would avenge him as he lies down and dies. Riggs himself silently says, "Happy birthday, kid". Murtaugh also passes by Edwards' lifeless body and is sad to see him go, just like Darryl Smithers.


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