Our first glimpse of the Rottweiler.

Martin Riggs' Rottweiler is the second dog owned by Riggs, after Sam. He was originally the guard dog of Jack Travis and his henchmen, whose purpose was to guard the illegal firearms dealing warehouse and scare off intruders who got in the way, but Riggs managed to tame and befriend the Rottweiler.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

The Rottweiler was guarding Jack Travis' warehouse when Martin Riggs and Lorna Cole broke in. They noticed a dog's shadow coming their way and the Rottweiler began growling at them. Riggs slowly crawled up to the dog, and was communicating with him like the way a dog does. Riggs pulls out a dog biscuit, and gives him one. He fed him a couple of more to tame him and then began petting and calming him and claiming him as his own. Just as Riggs and Lorna get in the way and intervene with the arms dealing, they begin fighting the henchmen just before they make a getaway with a pickup truck that has boxes of guns. The Rottweiler, deciding that Riggs is nice and meant for him, jumps over Hatchett knocking him down before he was able to shoot either of them, and escapes with Riggs and Cole in the back of the pickup truck and joins him. He is seen at Lorna's place as she and Riggs are dressing their wounds and telling each other about their wounds and eventually start making out. He is later seen watching The Three Stooges on TV with Riggs and Sam in Riggs' trailer.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

The Rottweiler only appears in one scene of the film, together with Sam. As usual, Riggs feeds both of them dog biscuits in his trailer and has one for himself.


  • His real name is unknown and appears to have not been decided yet by Riggs or Lorna.
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