Sergeant McCaskey is a minor character in Lethal Weapon. He was a member of the Robbery/Homicide Division for the Los Angeles Police Department and was mostly seen doing desk work.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Sergeant McCaskey was first seen with Sergeant Roger Murtaugh at his office. He tells him about how he feels like he's a guy from the 1980's because he "cried in bed" the night before. He says he was alone, when Roger asks him if he was with a woman, moments before Detective Boyette arrives in his office about the Hunsaker case. While Boyette was telling Murtaugh about Amanda's death was murder, not a suicide, he was looking Riggs who had just transfer Homicide Division due to being suicidal. He was then present when Boyette introduce Riggs as Murtaugh's new partner.

Sergeant McCaskey was later seen in his office receiving a phone call from Mr. Joshua, who was posing off as an employee for the KCOP News and asking for more information about an officer involved in a shooting. McCaskey, knowing the person sounds rather suspicious, gives him the false report about Martin Riggs being "shot and killed," and Joshua says, "Oh, okay, thank you. We'll send someone right over." After hanging up, he was last seen giving off a sinister smile about fooling the suspicious person about the false report, thus putting Joshua and his accomplices at a disadvantage, and putting Riggs and Murtaugh at an advantage.



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