Shadow Company meet Roger Murtaugh at El Mirage Lake

Shadow Company was a criminal organization which ran an international heroin business and a former military US unit, belonging to Air America. Air America was a CIA-controlled flying and cargo airline in Southeast Asia. It operated the war out of Laos.


Shadow Company was a unit made up of mercenaries and trained killers. It also consisted of US Special Forces members like Jack Joshua, Michael Hunsaker and General Peter McAllister who leads it. Their weaponry came from the years of experience each member had during the war, and the unit destroyed Viet Cong heroin supplies. In the 1980s the former members of Shadow Company had a reunion and had a list of heroin sources in Asia. They began smuggling heroin into the United States and selling twice a year. They were exploited by Hunsaker when he was about to quit and they hired a prostitute to kill his daughter in retaliation and get him to cooperate. Hunsaker, hoping to ensure the safety of his wife Claire, and his other daughter Beverly, cooperates with them some more. Hunsaker was killed later when he was revealing the information about the heroin shipment to Roger Murtaugh before he could tell Murtaugh anything more about it. The organization was brought down and crushed by both Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh.


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