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Roger Murtaugh's main sidearm in all four films, the Smith & Wesson Model 19.

The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson on its K-frame platform. The model 19 is chambered for .357 Magnum and can fire up to 6 rounds.

It is Roger Murtaugh's primary weapon in the Lethal Weapon Series and the second most used weapon overall, after Martin Riggs' Beretta 92. Whenever Murtaugh pulls out his gun, he rolls his neck clockwise before firing at his opponent.

Lethal Weapon[]

Murtaugh first shows off his Model 19 revolver at the shooting range when on his 50th birthday, he shoots all his rounds on the target paper, then flicks the switch and whispers to himself, "Happy Birthday, Rog".

It is shown again when he is partnered with loose cannon and crazy cop Martin Riggs. Riggs quotes that Murtaugh's gun is "one of those old timers", seemingly offending Murtaugh.

After Riggs saves Len McCleary, Murtaugh gets upset at how he handled it and tests Riggs about his sanity by pointing the barrel of his Model 19 underneath his chin. Riggs moves it out of the way before he pulls the trigger.

Later at a house, Murtaugh guns down a suspect with his revolver and approaches him slowly for questioning.

Murtaugh uses his gun in combat against Shadow Company at El Mirage Lake as part of an attempted ambush in rescuing his daughter Rianne. At the club, Murtaugh takes out a couple mercenaries before he fires his lone revolver bullet at the driver of General Peter McAllister's getaway car.

Roger Murtaugh draws his weapon one last time, together with Martin Riggs as they simultaneously shoot Mr. Joshua in the chest, killing him.

Lethal Weapon 2[]

In the second installment, Murtaugh uses this weapon along with a 9mm semi auto pistol.

He is most notably seen holding it on Arjen Rudd, in the end of the movie, dememnding for his surrender. However, Rudd boasts about how his "diplomatic immunity" will save his life, Murtaugh then shoots him dead with his revolver, while delivering his iconic line, "Its just been revoked".

Lethal Weapon 3[]

Despite the LAPD switching to semi automatic pistols, Roger still carries his revolver.

Murtaugh draws his Smith & Wesson Model 5906 to aid his partner Riggs when he is under fire from African American gangsters, possibly those of Tyrone.when his 9mm runs out of ammo, Roger then draws his revolver and holds it on one of the gangsters who stayed behind fires his weapon at Murtaugh, who responds by firing a few rounds through the metal shed hitting the gangster (later revealed to be Darryl Smithers).

Lethal Weapon 4[]