South African Consul Building
Status: Standing

The South African Consul Building was where Arjen Rudd's office was located, which represented the South African white community. As a result, it was the site of several protests involving apartheid in the nation and attempting to end it immediately.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Hans escaped from Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh and the LAPD after a long chase, ending with him crashing his car. He would return to the Consul building and report to Arjen Rudd in his office, with his enforcer, Pieter Vorstedt at his side. Rudd was disappointed to hear Hans had lost several million dollars in krugerrands back at the crash site, although he would spare him despite his mistake. But this would prove to be a lie as Vorstedt would shoot Hans dead with his gun.

The next day in the office, Rudd and Vorstedt were able to get a hold of Roger Murtaugh's profile by stealing it somehow. Rudd told Vorstedt to go to Murtaugh's house and bring three henchmen with him as they would proceed to tie him and his wife Trish up.

When it becomes apparent the police are now on to him and his men, Rudd schedules an appointment with his associates after being followed by Riggs. Despite telling a security guard to get rid of him, Riggs joins the hundreds of protesters outside the building and Rudd can see this through his security camera. He later receives a visit from Riggs, who tells Rudd and his men to pack their bags and get out of the United States. He becomes even more incensed when Riggs shoots his fish tank and lets water spill all over his carpet. Rudd calls Vordstedt over, as the latter schemes a plan on Riggs.

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