Stephanie Woods is the police psychiatrist of the Los Angeles Police Department. She is mostly seen talking about/to Martin Riggs and his mental state; they have a complicated relationship. She is portrayed by the late actress Mary Ellen Trainor.


Stephanie Woods is a woman with problems of her own in addition to helping others with their problems. She can be seen as insecure when she tells Captain Murphy that Martin Riggs could be psychotic and is on the edge of committing suicide.

However, to some, Dr. Woods is as crazy as her patients are, especially to the whole department.

Lethal WeaponEdit

Woods is first seen arguing with Captain Murphy about Riggs' suicidal issues. Just when she was getting to a point about Riggs' problem, Murphy interrupted her when he went into the men's restroom.

She is later seen talking to Roger Murtaugh on the telephone about his reluctance of having Riggs for a partner, telling her she is lucky not to be with him right now. Woods wishes him good luck.

Lethal Weapon 2Edit

Woods was standing right behind a police officer as she watches Riggs put his shoulder back in.

Then later, at Murtaugh's house when he is stuck to the toilet because of a bomb, she explains to Detective Meagan Shapiro that she can handle any situation being a psychiatrist for years, but Shapiro tells her that this is not a psychiatric problem. She looks at Murtaugh and realizes she can't do anything about it. Then Riggs surprises Woods with his wonky eye trick as she comments, "Where there's one, there's the other."

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

After Roger Murtaugh becomes depressed at the killing of Darryl Smithers, Woods talks to Riggs and hopes from his words that he is okay.

Later, after Murtaugh regains his inner self-being, Woods sees him kick down the water dispenser bottle (he was doing a spin kick at Riggs' request) and thinks he is still under the influence of the depression he faced after killing Darryl, much to Murtaugh's expense.

Lethal Weapon 4Edit

In her final appearance, Martin Riggs talks with Woods about his marriage he's proposing to Lorna Cole. However Woods, being oblivious to accept the fact Riggs has since moved on, thinks he is still crazy, and believes he is talking about her instead. Due to the pressure she has dealt with from Riggs over the years in the department, she becomes what he used to be (minus the depression) and thinks everyone has a problem with how they handle their jobs. It may be implied she will have to undergo her own psychiatric care on herself from another psychologist as a result.


  • Despite appearing in all four films, Stephanie Woods is a minor character in the series, having very minimal screen time in every film.
  • Her name is revealed only in the fourth film.
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