The Forum
Forum Game
The Los Angeles Kings vs. the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Status: Standing
Location: Inglewood, Los Angeles
Tenant(s): Los Angeles Kings
Los Angeles Lakers
Structure: Indoor Arena
Profession: Hockey
First film: Lethal Weapon 3
Last film: Lethal Weapon 3

The Forum (previously known as the Great Western Forum) is a multi-purpose, indoor arena in Inglewood, California, a city adjacent to Los Angeles. It was the home of the National Basketball Association's (or NBA) Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings from 1967-1999.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

During a botched attempt to arrest former cop Jack Travis, Team Riggs/Murtaugh and Leo Getz arrive at the Forum with several police officers while a hockey game of the Kings against the Toronto Maple Leafs is playing. After the Kings score a goal, Riggs uses the opportunity to announce on the speakers that the LAPD have surrounded the building and warns Travis to stay where he is.

Travis then makes his escape, narrowly avoiding two cops but is chased and jumped on by Leo. They both struggle and tackle each other on the ice as Riggs and Murtaugh make their way inside the rink. Travis shoots Leo in the forearm, injuring him, and manages to escape, despite Riggs attempting to chase him. Leo on the other hand thinks he's dying because he feels numb, but Murtaugh tells him it's the ice that is making him cold.

Both cops lift Leo up from the ice and the Kings, Maple Leafs and the whole Forum give a round of applause, seeing he is okay.


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