Trish Murtaugh is a district attorney and the wife of LAPD Detective Roger Murtaugh.

She is portrayed by Keesha Sharp in Lethal Weapon.


Trish is known for being a defense attorney. Around the time she had started her career, she had met a man named Roger Murtaugh, who she ended up marrying and had three kids with; two teenage kids, Riana and RJ, and a newborn baby girl named Harper Murtaugh.

In the 20+ years of her and Roger's marriage, and her career, she had been promoted to district attorney. After Roger has recently suffered a "minor" heart attack which was shortly after the birth of their daughter Harper, she advises him to do anything it takes, by any means necessary, to maintain a lower level of stress in his life, thereby avoiding the chances and possibilities of another heart attack.

As of recently, she has quit her job as an attorney after being passed over for managing partner at her law firm, and she's now seeking new career opportunities.


Trish, other than devoted to her job as a district attorney, is also a very devoted wife to Roger and thinks very highly of him, as he means the whole world to her. She cares very deeply for him, and hopes he still plays it safe out there. She even cares deeply for her kids the same as she cares for Roger, being a loving and devoted mother to them.

She expects Roger to take his health very seriously and all, after his "minor" heart attack, and to watch over his stress levels, by monitoring them with his Apple fitbit watch.

As much as she loves Roger and the kids, she gladly accepts Riggs into their family and thinks very highly of him for all what he had been through, especially with losing Miranda.

She also expects Riggs to bring Roger back to home her at the end of each and every shift, to which he promises.


Trish was originally going to be played by Golden Brooks, but the role ended up going to Keesha Sharp.



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