"Jack, I came out here to do business, not be insulted by you."

Tyrone was a street gangster who leads a gang of African-Americans who reluctantly shared a partnership with Jack Travis's illegal arms dealership. He is the secondary antagonist of Lethal Weapon 3.

Lethal Weapon 3Edit

Tyrone is seen at Rancho Arroyo's housing development in Suburban Los Angeles with Jack Travis. Travis tries to prove to Tyrone how serious he is with his job and Hatchett throws in one of his henchman in a pit as his cement mixer men pour it on him, drowning and eventually killing him. Witnessing it, Tyrone is shocked at the henchman's death, and sees how business really means to Travis.

Following a raid at Travis' warehouse, Tyrone later phones Travis, saying his men have ran out of ammunition and they need the guns to continue their gang-related killing sprees. Hatchett reminds him that nobody backs out of the deal, but Tyrone angrily tells him the police are now onto his gang's operation and would be coming after him, and he asks why he should continue business with Jack Travis. Just then, Travis is given the phone and he tells his partner he is not backing out on the deal now, or he'd have to face the consequences, in which his dentist would only be able to identify his body. Tyrone, however, decides on the other hand to at least have some more ammo, and Travis says he'll get him some more ammo.

A couple of days later, after Roger Murtaugh regains his inner well-being, he, Martin Riggs and their female partner, Lorna Cole, interrogate Tyrone as soon as he wakes up from his bed, failing to reach for his gun in time. Murtaugh points the same gun that Darryl Smithers used on Tyrone's face and tells him who's been supplying the weapons.

Director's cutEdit

Still refusing to speak, the detectives try another method that will make him talk; by running him over with the tire of a car. Initially resistant to give any details, this scares Tyrone and he reveals to them the supplier is Jack Travis. When Lorna makes a screeching sound with the car in reverse, Tyrone passes out.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Tyrone was portrayed by the late Gregory Millar.



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